Extreme Makeover OnBase Edition

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Waiting years between OnBase upgrades or waiting until an upgrade is absolutely necessary threatens your system’s integrity making it all too easy to misplace documentation or miss a step or two. Upgrades are vital to realizing the return on your technology investment and there are plenty of steps you can take to reap the benefits of upgrading while mitigating the risk.

In this webinar, hosted by Mike Current, a member of the Hyland Upgrade Council, and Mark Hamilton, DataBank's Infrastructure Engineer, you'll see how upgrading OnBase offers the ability to not only gain enhancements and fixes, but also radically improve the security, stability and architecture of your entire OnBase environment.

Download the webinar recording to...

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    Learn the formula for upgrade success with actionable items to work through right away

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    Understand the team needed to get the job done and how DataBank can step in to help

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    The importance of establishing a test environment and more

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