Southcoast Health System Stays Ahead of the Curve with DataBank Online Services

Download the case study now and learn how Southcoast Health streamlined their processes for a 15% gain in productivity.

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“DataBank’s SAS 70, Type II, Tier 1 data center... gave us the assurance that our confidential information would be protected.”
K. Dwyer,

Director Patient Accounts, Southcoast Health System

Southcoast Health Systems, a not-for-profit charitable organization servicing Southeastern Massachusetts and East Bay, Rhode Island, wanted to streamline their business processes and improve their document management capabilities. Southcoast was interested in raising their already high bar while continuing to improve service for their patients—all while reducing their overall costs.

Since partnering with DataBank to deploy their business process solution, Southcoast has reduced their costs, relieved the burden of their IT team, and enhanced security and compliance.

By reading this case study, you'll learn:

  • 1

    How Southcoast experienced a 15% gain in productivity

  • 2

    How 835 annual payment processes from insurance payers were completely automated

  • 3

    How the Patient Accounts department is able to handle a larger workload at the same staff level

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